Food and Design. Special Interview at Designers of Experimental Gastronomy.

Video Recipes from The Geometry of Pasta.
Marzo 24, 2016
Vinitaly and Innovation in Verona. Il 50th of Salone Internazionale del Vino.
Aprile 10, 2016

A creative and culinary happenings within the well-kept Lloyd design hotel in the fascinating city of canals.

The creative duo of Steinbeisser study calls the top chef of the moment to create a unique event that makes your eyes sparkle and your taste buds go crazy. The chef is the two Michelin stars, Edwin Vinke, the restaurant De Kromme Watergang and the event is a real success.


“Experimental Gastronomy”, limited  are the editions of the program, including Basel, San Francisco and Amsterdam, homebase of Martin Kullik and Jouw Wijnsma interviewed by ARTFOODLAB.


1. What was the inspiration behind your project?

The main inspiration was to experiment. With the ‘Experimental Gastronomy’ we chose to always serve a plant-based (vegan) tasting menu. Why? Because with the abundance of luscious dishes made with meat, fish, eggs and cheese there is a need for new, creative and delicious dishes made of plants only. So we also chose to get 100% of all our ingredients from biodynamic or organic agriculture sourced within a certain radius depending where the event takes place. That’s nuts, you may say. It actually is logistically speaking, but working with small-scale producers is very rewarding, both personally and quality-wise. The chefs, the farmers and the artists are all essential to the whole. The artists then create special cutlery and dishes with all kinds of shapes, materials, colours and textures that will allow the diners to eat in strangely new ways.
2. What do you believe is the biggest influence on Food Design today?
A mindful exchange between humans and humans, and humans and nature.
3.What was your favourite meal when you were a child?
Jouw’s was lasagna and mine pancakes with apple puree.
4. What do you think of Italian food?
I would like to learn more about Italian food first.
5. Do you have any events planned in Italy in the near future?
Not yet, we would be thrilled to plan an event in Italy, still searching for a chef willing to join the adventure.


7/8/9 September 2016 Amsterdam + Chef Jef Schuur

14/15 September 2016 Basel + Chef Tanja Grandits

25 September 2016 San Francisco + Chef David Kinch + Chef Corey Lee





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