Li Ziqi: Country life + Food Recipes + Magical And Stunning Scenario

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Aprile 1, 2019

Country life + Food Recipes + Magical And Stunning Scene: Li Ziqi, Chinese vlogger shares countryside video content that will amaze your eyes.

Li Ziqi, Chinese famous vlogger, preparing rose recipes in Pingwu

Lately we are all obsessed about Li Ziqi YouTube Channel. Here is the true story: she is a wonderful woman, who left the city and went back to her village to take care of her grandmother. Each video looks like a fairy tale in a magical and stunning country life scene. Her videos are pure art and also have an educational purpose, they share knowledge about the Chinese traditional process of food recipes preparation. If you haven’t got the luck to visit Asia at all, you’ll be surprise all the beautiful landscape and majestic nature that can be found. All the videos are taken in rural Pingwu, Mianyang, Sichuan.

In this video Li Ziqi shows the life of the roses from planting to cooking them with all the process of preparation that it takes.

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