Minimelanie: The Art of Jewels Truffles and Cakes

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Gennaio 18, 2017
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Febbraio 12, 2017

Minimelanie is art, design and taste:  where truffles and cakes look like jewels in New York.



If you are in NY it’s a must place for foodie lovers an chocolate addicted. The owner Melanie Moss went to culinary school in New York City and worked in Paris as well and start her own business where Make it Simple and Beautiful is her trade mark.

The ingredients are natural sugars and no corn syrup, they are painted by hand and sometimes you think it’s a pity to eat them. They are also providing delivery and catering, and special wedding cake.

Minimelanie it’s one of the NY rituals since Michelin Guide officially hosted in their guide.


Have a look !

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