Aprile 19, 2021

Li Ziqi: Country life + Food Recipes + Magical And Stunning Scenario

Country life + Food Recipes + Magical And Stunning Scene: Li Ziqi, Chinese vlogger shares countryside video content that will amaze your eyes. Lately we are all obsessed about Li Ziqi YouTube Channel. Here is the true story: she is a wonderful woman, who left the city and went back to her village to take care of her grandmother. Each video looks like a fairy tale in a magical and stunning country life scene. Her videos are pure art and also have an educational purpose, they share knowledge about the Chinese traditional process of food recipes preparation. If you haven’t got the luck […]
Febbraio 18, 2019

STOCKHOLM – From the Farm to the Table: Oaxen Krog & Slip Restaurant

WHAT TO EAT: everything from the Gastro Dining to the Nordic Bistrò WHY WE LOVE: sustainability from the building and its furnishings to the OAFEN FARM food  WHERE TO GO: here the map  CONTACT W Oaxen Krog & Slip        Photo Credit ERIK OLSSON
Gennaio 28, 2019

NEW TREND: Designer Bakery

How cool is to wake up and smell the lovely perfume of bread and croissant that just got out of the oven? That’s our fav type of morning routine since we were kids. Either you move to a flat over a bakery or you follow our special tips to go enjoying this experience with a special add on: amazing architecture design! A feast for the eyes and for all of your sense. Enjoy!   1. Masa, Bogotá WHO: Colombian Architect Benjamín Cadena, founder of Brooklyn and Bogota-based Studio Cadena EAT: Miche Levain – this bread will leave you speechless GO check […]
Marzo 15, 2018

MILANO – The Corallo Loabster Bar

WHAT TO EAT: Loabster Roll – Pasta – Salads   WHY WE LOVE: The Colorful Style – The Mediterrenean Atmosphere   WHERE TO GO: La Rinascente Milano, Via Santa Radegonda, 3, 20121 Milano   CONTACTS W corallolobsterbar.com PH 02 885 2460  
Marzo 15, 2017

MILANO – The Vasiliki Kouzina Restaurant

WHAT TO EAT: Greek Dishes – Gamopilafo (Dandelion Salad with Feta) – Kakavia (Fish Soup)   WHY WE LOVE: Hot Red Interiors – Cool Detailed Decor – Delicious Food   WHERE TO GO: Via Clusone, 6, 20135 Milano CONTACTS W vasilikikouzina.com PH 02 9438 1405